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Our Landlord’s products are designed with you in mind, cover your properties with our Landlord Insurance or arrange your own reference with our Tenant Referencing service in partnership with 

Landlords’ insurance

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Our Buildings and contents insurance is designed specifically for landlords – and will help to provide assistance should the unexpected happen.

Our cover includes:

  • Cover for accidental damage included as standard for professional working tenants
  • Extra malicious damage cover is available for professional working tenants – up to £10,000
  • Buildings covered automatically up to £600,000 with an option to extend to £2 million, to protect against the cost of structural repairs – this is the Buildings Sum Insured – how much it would cost to rebuild the entire property from scratch
  • Cover available up to £50,000 for damage to the landlord’s contents – including fixtures and fittings
  • Cover in the event of fire, smoke, explosion, lightning, earthquake or storm, floods, falling trees, collision with an animal or vehicle, and even things dropping from the sky
  • Cover for water or oil leaks from heating systems or pipes – including up to £5,000 to help trace and access the problem
  • Cover for ground movement such as subsidence or landslips
  • Cover for temporary accommodation – for up to 12 months
  • Cover for unoccupied properties – for up to 60 days
  • Cover for property owners liability up to £2 million, and public liability up to £2 million

Home emergency insurance – additional cover

Home emergencies for instance broken heating, a leaking roof or blocked drain can cause disruption to tenants, and take time and money to put right. Our Home emergency cover can be added to a Buildings and contents policy, and includes:

  • Emergency repairs to the primary heating system, drainage and water services, securing broken windows and doors – and dealing with pest infestations
  • Access to a 24 hour helpline and a network of reputable tradesmen
  • Up to £500 (inc VAT) for emergency repairs from a single incident – including call out charges, parts, material and unlimited labour
  • Up to £1,500 total emergency repairs to the property over a 12 month cover period
  • Up to a £500 contribution towards replacing the boiler if beyond economical repair.
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Landlords tenant referencing

Simply register your details to begin using our tenant referencing service today. Instant References are £20 + VAT and Comprehensive References are only £35 + VAT.

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